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How long has CobeCast been around?
The UWW College of Business and Economics started working with multimedia in the 1990’s to distribute educational media. Our experience in the field has led us to create CobeCast.
What types of media may I keep track of in CobeCast?

CobeCast supports nearly any video file. Here is a selection of the type of content you can CobeCast:

  • Lecture capture
  • Audio files
  • Videos from live events
  • Training sessions
  • Student presentations
  • Guest lecturers
  • Seminars
  • Multi-camera shoots
Does CobeCast support closed captioning?
We understand the importance of providing everyone with the same educational experience. CobeCast has partnered with a captioning service to provide professional human transcription for the best accuracy with guaranteed turnaround and emergency service available.
Why not just use a free video hosting service?

There are a number of reasons that a paid hosted service is more advantageous than using a free service, including:

  1. Copyright and video ownership issues
  2. Enforcement of linking and/or embedding requirements
  3. Storage of consent and copyright forms
  4. No advertising
  5. Guaranteed support
  6. Customizability
  7. Speed of encoding and playback engines
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